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Like many other talented boy bands before them (e.g., Jagged Edge, Jodeci, Boyz II Men, and Dru Hill), The Louisiana-based R&B group Shilo has spent years honing their craft and growing together. They've won the hearts and support of their hometown and are on a serious mission to win the hearts of the nation and ultimately the world. Through humble beginnings, the group formed and decided to create music and perform together at a very young age. “I met Duan in high school. Everyone was saying there was someone who could sing better than me, and I wanted to know who it was. We later met in the hallway or at lunch or something like that and we’ve been cool ever since,” I met Lil Kelly through social media. I saw him singing and doing his thing with people I knew, and Duan told me we needed to link up with him. I spoke with him at the mall and then hit him up on Facebook and I later met Oli through our manager Tanji,” Carez says. Through the insight of producer Ron "Slack" Jefferson and manager Tanji Emmeni the guys joined forces and became the newly revamped Shilo. Through their collective talent for writing and producing different styles and subject matter, music magic happened. The guy’s sultry sexy but fresh voices just melt and roll into already hot lyrics and tracks. With the ups and downs that come with being a part of a group, Shilo stays grounded by working together and being natural friends. “We keep the peace because we gravitate to each other naturally. We all get along. We are all down to try something new and not just focused on one thing,” Lil Kelly says. Though Shilo is ready to take the summer with a new club banger, They want fans everywhere to know that there’s a deeper purpose in their music. “We want people to know that you’re not whatever you’re going through and you’re not going through it alone. There could be someone a thousand miles away, across the country going through the same thing you’re going through. We want people to get that through our music as well,” Oli says. Through years of perfecting their craft and artist development Shilo is groomed for success in the music industry but they are still just southern gents living their purpose. They are grateful, appreciative, and ready to capture new fans.


R&B enthusiasts brace yourselves for a sonic treat as the dynamic trio, Shilo, unveils their latest masterpiece, "Steady Knockin". With a fusion of sultry melodies, infectious beats, and soulful harmonies, Shilo is set to captivate audiences worldwide once again. Their triumphant new single "Steady Knockin" is a testament to their unparalleled talent and passion for crafting timeless R&B classics. Fusing elements of contemporary R&B with nods to the genre's golden era, Shilo delivers a track that is both nostalgic and refreshingly innovative. "Steady Knockin" showcases Shilo's ability to seamlessly blend smooth vocals with irresistible grooves, creating an irresistible anthem that resonates with listeners on a visceral level. From the moment the track begins, listeners are enveloped in a sonic journey that is equal parts intoxicating and exhilarating. Shilo has been on the road along Ginuwine, Case, SWV, Miki Howard, and more in big markets such as, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Charleston, Dallas, Houston, Shreveport, and Washington DC, just to name a few.

About Steve Carrington

After studying at Berklee with the great Bill Pierce (Jazz Messengers, Tony Williams Quintet), Steve Carrington moved to New York and amassed performance credits including the Charles Mingus Epitaph project, Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Hargrove, plus Frank Wess and Jimmy Heath (at the same time!), among many others. Continuing his musical pursuits in the Baltimore/Washington area, he performed with Ruby Glover, Phillip Harper, Teodross Avery, Grady Tate, and Cyrus Chestnut, who featured Steve on his third Atlantic album Earth Stories (alongside Antonio Hart and Eddie Allen). Carrington also joined the Jazz Mentoring Program faculty at the Eubie Blake Cultural Center, where he taught students including Quincy Phillips, now a highly sought-after drummer. Returning to New York, Carrington sat in and performed with Elvin Jones, Joey DeFrancesco, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Wynton Marsalis, Wessell “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Eric Lewis (ELEW) and Chick Corea. With his groups, he has opened for Abbey Lincoln, Lionel Hampton, Stanley Turrentine, and Milt Hinton. His debut album A Caring Tone was followed by Mind Traveler in 2019 and Friends R Family in 2023 with a re-release available now.


Baltimore native and Saxophone player Steve Carrington has signed with the Music Matters Entertainment/SRG-Jazz Imprint. With the re-release of his album, Friends R Family, set for early spring, Carrington is joining the likes of Mike Phillips, Damien Escobar, David Benoit, and more in the growing organization. Steve Carrington has made a name for himself with his style of shifting between swinging straight-handed jazz and an infectious, groove-orientated R&B. His highly unique style has led him on international tours with Kool & The Gang. Geared up with a new label home, Steve is back with the re-release of his album, Friends R Family. Carrington wants to emphasize the importance of comradery in the jazz world by releasing a highly collaborative album. He’s worked with the likes of Freddie Hendrix, Cyrus Chestnut, Davis Whitfield, Kenny Davis, Mark Whitfield, and more. “I had nothing but the best around me, and they made it easy,” Carrington humbly responds. And being fortunate enough to work in what is arguably jazz’s most historic studio was not lost on any of the participants. “In the film Amistad,” Carrington reflects, “there’s a line that says in challenging times, we look to our ancestors for wisdom and guidance and the energy that they left. So you come to a place like this, in its walls, you can find that energy.” Each song tells a unique story of someone or something that touched Steve Carrington’s life at one point or another, such as the mystic, “Khalis’s Groove.” “You know, everybody knows Kool & The Gang, and they were on tour for their anniversary. Wel, Ronald Khalis Bell was on tour with them and asked me to take his spot. I was writing this song and he actually passed away during the writing process so the song is a tribute to him,” he said. As Friends R Family and all Carrington’s endeavors make clear, he is, “a force of nature,” in the words of Mark Whitfield. He is above all a master player deserving of wider acclaim. Cyrus Chestnut agrees: “In my opinion, Steve is one of the messengers, and he’s been placed here to create a healing balm with his music. To be a part of that journey and be able to witness and experience it, I count myself very blessed.”

Jeff Bradshaw News:

The new album, Jeff Bradshaw: 20, is slated for release later this spring via Music Matters Entertainment and The SRG/ILS Group, but first Jeff will drop two new singles; “Carrie’s Bread Puddin”, a tribute to his mother, for the Jazz fans and “Make Some Time” featuring Eric Roberson for the R&B fans.  Both songs will be released on May 19th.  

“Jeff fits perfectly into our growing Jazz and R&B family.  He is a special talent with a solid career and a incredible future ahead of him.” – Claude Villani, CEO, The SRG/ILS Group

Each song from the new album has a unique story behind it, listeners will feel the soundtrack of Jeff Bradshaw’s life from his early days playing in church to his 20 years as a recording artist, to his life touring and collaborating with some of the biggest artists in Jazz, R&B, and Pop. 

“20 years man. It means to me, blessed, relevant, excited, young, and hungry. All those things I still am. I’m still going to create these beautiful songs and the trombone is going to play a different role in every song!”  – Jeff Bradshaw.


Jeff Bradshaw WHYY performance.jpg

Jeff Bradshaw stops by Studio 2 to discuss new music and perform live

Award-winning trombonist and Philadelphia native stopped by Studio 2 to discuss new music and perform live. Jeff performed his new single, "Carrie's Bread Puddin'" and discussed his extensive career and new album, "Jeff Bradshaw 20" which is set to release on 6/23. 

"Make Some Time"

Jeff Bradshaw's new single, "Make Some Time" with Eric Roberson is exciting R&B fans everywhere. The song has been covered in Rated R&B, YouKnowIGotSoul, Sheen Magazine, and The Urban Music Scene. You could also head over to the Soultracks playlist to listen to the R&B tune anytime! 

“The song is inspired by people who hustle wanting to date people who hustle. We’re all busy but make sure you carve out some time for yourself. While you’re at it, carve out some time for us," Bradshaw says.

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"Make Some Time"


"Carries Bread Puddin"

For smooth jazz fans, "Carrie's Bread Puddin'" has the classic Jeff Bradshaw feel that fans know and love. 

“ This song is dedicated to the most amazing person in the world! A church-going, South Carolina-raised,  wife and mother of 3, who picked cotton, and beat all the odds because of her Love for God and family! Her famous Bread Pudding that I was raised on, that she still makes weekly for her church, is still as amazing as it was when I was a child!," he adds.

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"Carries Bread Puddin"

Mumu Fresh News:

Mumu Fresh Performance.jpg

"Mumu to perform at the International Indigenous Summit."

Singer-songwriter and activist Mumu Fresh will perform at the International Indigenous Summit in Toronto. Mumu is set to be a part of the opening gala taking place on May 31 at TD Music Hall on the 4th Floor. The show kicks off at 7:30 and doors open at 7.

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"Find My Way Back"


Mumu Fresh kicked off the 2023 BGR!FEST™ with the official BLACK GIRLS BOND® Party at the Kennedy Center. She was joined by DJ Ty Alexander and Be'la Dona Band.



Congratulations to Mumu Fresh on her Lifetime Achievement Award at the 35th Annual Wammie Awards in Washington D.C

Mumu Fresh kicked off her birthday by talking with the WUSA9 Team about her new single, "Find My Way Back",

The sold-out Wammie Awards (Air date April 1st) and the D.C. music community. Mumu Fresh also performed the song as apart of WUSA9 "DMV Sound Check." Check out the interview and performance below

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